TryAce T8P FAQ

Q: What is the requirement of this product for the maximum support of the memory card?
A: Maximum support 32G card, you need to use class10 above specifications.

Q: How long will 32G be able to recording?
A: 32G can continuously record 300 minutes of 1080P video.

Q: Did this machine has the function like Loop Recording? Is there an emergency video file that doesn’t allow the video file to be recycled?
A: Yes, you can loop recording. When the g-sensor automatically trigger the video, the fles are saved and not be overwritten, you can also manually start the emergency recording.

Q: Is there a gap between each section of the video?
A: There is no gap, the recording time of each file is linked together.

Q: What is the format of the video? Can computer be read directly?
A: The video file is MOV format, the general computer video player software can play directly.

Q: Will the machine automatically turn on when the car starts ?How do you know it’s already in the recording?
A: After connecting the car line, after connecting the car line, start the car will automatically start the machine and start recording. the lights will flashing while recording video.

Q: Can I turn off the screen during recording?
A: Yes, it can be turned off, just press the power then you can turn off the screen saver.

Q: Can I just use the front camera instead of the rear camera?
A: Yes, you can only use the tront camera.

Q: Can the product be powered by other power supplies?
A: Yes, the output of 5VIA can ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Q: what’s the operating temperature range of the machine?
A: The range of operating temperature is-20c-80′c.

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