China aims to make Hainan an international tourism island


President Xi announced a series of favorable policies covering tourism, aiming to make Hainan an international resort. The efforts include carrying out major infrastructure projects like international routes and airlines while embracing intelligent and network infrastructure. In order to develop Hainan into an international hub of tourism and consumption, the government will open up the duty-free policy to boost sales. Xi also called for new tourism programs and better services.

Sanya set up China’s first tourist police patrol in 2015 to standardize the tourism sector and offer better quality services to tourists. The captain of the division told CGTN that they are specialized in answering queries, resolving disputes and cracking down on crimes. In the future, they will equip themselves with more high-tech devices to quickly respond to emergencies, to monitor tourist sites and to translate. Police officers are also being trained in foreign languages to overcome the language barrier and better help overseas tourists.

The province is also seeking innovative ways to attract tourists by offering them diverse and exclusive experience. For instance, luxury hotel resorts are introducing cultural and educational programs to accommodation, which somewhat reflects Hainan’s ambition to turn itself into the Dubai of China.

China also plans to further extend the offshore duty-free shopping policy in Hainan to cover all outbound tourists. Hainan has already had one of the world’s largest duty-free shopping centers and it’s now the fourth island in the world to pilot the policy.

The government wants Hainan to welcome more global investors, becoming a free trade zone by 2020 and a free trade port by 2025. In Sanya, the Phoenix Island International Cruise Port being upgraded is welcoming an increasing number of people internationally and the island can look forward to a brighter future.

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