Top 5 global wearables companies in Q2 2018


Apple Inc led the global wearables market by shipment volume in the quarter ending in June, with 4.7 million units and a 38.4 percent growth year-on-year, according to a ranking list released by market research firm International Data Corp.


Xiaomi took the second spot and saw a 19.8 percent increase from a year earlier, as the company diversified its product portfolio to include shoes, kid's watches, and multiple variants of the Mi Band, each priced at the low end of the market.


Fitbit ranks No 3 with a number of  2.7 million


While Huawei took the forth spot, with a number of 1.8 million.


At last, it comes to the Garmain. This time, Garmin rank No 5, with a number of 1.5 million.







The overall wearables market worldwide presented an upward trend during the second quarter, with shipment volume reaching 27.9 million units, up 5.5 percent from the previous year.

"Two key forces were at work during the quarter: stronger demand for smart wearables, and slower declines in the basic wearables market," Ramon T. Llamas, research director for IDC's Wearables team, said in a news release.

"Users have come to want more from their wearable devices, and smart watches have met that demand. Additionally, relative newcomers to the smartwatch market, like Fitbit and several Chinese vendors, have seen steady growth."

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Post time: Sep-13-2018
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